Useful Tips For Tackling Challenging Secondary 1 Math Topics

Useful Tips For Tackling Challenging Secondary 1 Math Topics

Useful Tips For Tackling Challenging Secondary 1 Math Topics

Secondary 1 Mathematics can be a challenge for many students, especially since the jump from Primary 6 to Secondary 1 is rather huge.

Secondary school Math not only introduces students to a broader range of topics, but the level of complexity and difficulty is also significantly greater. Thus, it is unsurprising that a majority of students struggle with tackling these challenging topics.

For some useful tips that will help your child tackle these challenging topics and ace their Secondary 1 examinations, keep on reading!

Challenging Secondary 1 Math Topics

Algebraic Equations and Simple Inequalities

The foundation of Secondary 1 Mathematics is algebra. This key topic lays the groundwork for comprehending Calculus and upcoming topics in Upper secondary like trigonometry. Students will now be expected to display and solve algebraic answers rather than the model drawings they used in Primary school.

Percentages in the real-world context

In Secondary 1, students who had trouble in Primary school developing solid foundations in percentage comprehension can find the subject more difficult. In contrast to the Primary 6 curriculum, Secondary 1 students are now expected to apply the concepts of percentages in real-world situations.

4 useful tips for tackling Secondary 1 Math

1. Focus on building strong fundamentals

To understand more complex concepts, one must first have a firm grasp of the concepts and principles that form the foundation of Mathematics. For Secondary 1 Math, this could include ideas like fractions, decimals, and simple algebraic equations.

Consider encouraging your child to practise and review the fundamental concepts regularly. Breaking a topic down into bite-sized pieces of information or using visual aids like diagrams, charts and mind maps may also be beneficial.

2. Regular practice makes perfect

Math is a subject that requires a ton of practice. Exercises like practice questions, past-year papers, and other materials are excellent for reinforcing in-class lessons and boosting one’s problem-solving skills.

Your child should make it a routine to set aside time each day (or at the very least, each week) to practise Math problems. In particular, they should spend extra time on the topics that they find challenging. This will enable them to put what they have learned in class into practice and help them pinpoint the areas they need to focus on. What’s more, if there is something they are really struggling with, identifying it early on will allow them ample time to seek assistance and guidance.

3. Learning from mistakes

As mentioned, when your child transitions from Primary 6 to Secondary 1, they will be faced with a myriad of completely unfamiliar concepts. While mistakes are inevitable, it can be easy for a child to feel discouraged when they see their paper peppered with “X”s.

Remind your child that making mistakes is a necessary component of learning, particularly in Math. They can learn from mistakes so that they do not repeat them in the future. Moreover, they can also use their errors as a reference to determine which topics they should pay closer attention to.

4. Build the habit of checking carefully

Most students recognise the importance of checking through their work, but they may be unaware of what to check on. This results in them overlooking mistakes that could have been avoided.

Besides checking whether every question has been answered, ensuring that all workings and steps have been shown accurately is crucial. There is a strong emphasis on problem-solving skills and presentation for Secondary 1 Math, so showing one’s reasoning and thinking will earn a student method marks.


In conclusion, Secondary 1 Math can be a challenging subject, but it doesn’t have to be a barrier to success. Your child may master even the most difficult arithmetic concepts with these 4 useful tips.

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