Singapore Maths class
Why Singapore’s kids are so good at maths

[Quoted from Original Source] “Maths and science are core subjects in Singapore, taught throughout primary and secondary education. While students can choose to study humanities for A-levels, they must continue studying either maths or at least one science subject until they leave school (the reverse is also true: science students must take one subject from […]

Singapore 2020 holiday ideas
2020 Holiday Ideas

If you have been grumbling about the dearth of long weekends during the past two years of public holidays, take heart. In 2020, Singapore will have a bumper crop of seven long weekends in 2020! Here’s what you need to know about the public holidays in 2020.

Welcome to The Learning Sanctuary (TLS) Tutorials.

Welcome to The Learning Sanctuary (TLS) Tutorials. At TLS, we   beieve that it is important to teach a child how to learn- knowledge  acquired should be knowledge applied.

Maddy Barber's Testimony at TLS Tutorials
Maddy Barber’s TLS Tutorials Testimony

I want to express my immense thanks and gratitude to their tutor and mentor Esther Chua at TLS Academy. I swear I never thought there’d come a day when not one but both of them would love Math and opt to take A Math on top of E Math by choice. Happily! Like me, they were both terrified of Math, crying and carrying on every time they had to do it in the early years.

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