About our Tutorial environment



Meta-cognitive approach

There is a diversity of learning styles and intelligence preferences in every class room. The awareness that every student learns differently is the reason why   TLS adopts methods that promote self-aware learning. Students at our     learning centre learn and adopt strategies that fit their learning styles. As a result, learning is maximized.


We do not believe in a one size fits all approach. Every student at our learning   centre is important. Programs are designed and geared to meet the learning  needs of each individual child.


We assist students to build for themselves a solid foundation for future  learning. Students are given all the help needed to excel in a topic before moving on to the next. We help build in them confidence not only to face examinations but in their future endeavours.


We see potential in every student that comes to us and we endeavour to bring  out the best in him. Our tutors (or coaches) are trained not just to teach and  impart knowledge, but also to be mentors. At TLS Tutorials, we do not classify   or label a student according to how well he does in an examination. How well   a child perform is not a direct measure of his intelligence. There are many   possible factors that could interplay to produce a particular result. Therefore,   our tutors are trained to identify the sore points, treat them and then  strengthen them. The students eventually become independent learners. They   were given fish, but eventually they become fishers.


At TLS Tutorials, we encourage a positive learning journey. Effective learning begins  when the student frees himself from negativities. Our positive approach and the small class setting enforce such a learning environment. Our average  student to tutor ratio is currently 4.