About our Programme

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What is the standard duration of a lesson?
Each lesson has a total duration of 2.5 hours. It consists of 2 equal sessions and a short 10 min break. We believe such extended duration helps increase the attention span of a child.

How are the class schedule arranged?
A standard lesson schedule is issued to every parent and student at the beginning of a new month. Lessons slots are allocated based on the known availability of the students in each class. If a student is not able to attend a certain class specified on the lesson schedule, he/she must raise his concern with his/her tutor early so that a more preferable alternative time slot can be rearranged.

We will always try our best to accommodate our students’ schedule. Due to the nature of our teaching style, our class timings are slightly more flexible as compared to other centres.

Can I request for a one on one class?
Yes. We classify such one on one session as consultation. The rates of our consultation class are different from those of our standard class. They are usually higher.

Are there lessons during the school holidays?
Yes, there are lessons during the school holidays, except for the following weeks:
First week of the mid-year break
Last 3 weeks of the end-of-the-year break

Does your centre offer language classes?
No, TLS Tutorial Centre does not offer language classes. We are specialists in Mathematics and the Sciences at both the Primary and Secondary levels.



The approach to learning Science goes beyond the mere acquiring of knowledge. At TLS Tutorials, we emphasize on child-centred learning, and NOT teacher-centred teaching. We help develop the student’s cognitive processing abilities and equip him with the skills and discipline to think about rational solutions to problems.


-Primary School Science

-Lower Secondary Science

-Upper Secondary Physics

-Chemistry and



Our programme focuses on building a strong foundation and a positive attitude towards the subject of Mathematics. Students gain confidence and feel motivated as they are guided through a series of exercises and activities.



-Primary School Mathematics

-Lower Secondary Mathematics

-Upper Secondary Mathematics and

-Additional Mathematics


The organizational skills related to class note taking are just one facet of good study habits. A related study skill is time management: learning how to develop a schedule that allocates a set amount of time to studying and homework.


Class Schedule:

-Monday to Friday  1400 Hrs to 1900 Hrs

-Saturday 0900 Hrs to 1600 Hrs

-[Singapore time]