4 Effective Techniques To Prepare for the O-Level Math Exam

4 Effective Techniques To Prepare for the O-Level Math Exam

4 Effective Techniques To Prepare for the O-Level Math Exam

Studying can be stressful, especially when aiming for flying colours on the exam. Many students and parents feel stressed and overwhelmed by the exams – and one of the most feared subjects is Mathematics. With all the complicated problem-solving, confusing formulas, and tricky math terms, it’s reasonable why many dread this subject. If you’re looking for techniques and studying for O-Level Math as early as now, read on to learn five effective tricks!

1. Develop a study plan

It’s wise to start studying for the exam earlier instead of panicking and squeezing every piece of information in just one week. For Math, you should develop a study plan to identify which topics you should go through and master them. Developing a study plan helps you understand the amount of time you need to cover each topic and follow a certain pace to avoid last minute rush. It also gives you ample time to assess which areas you are strong and weak in.

2. Ask for help

One of the easiest and most effective things you can do to understand each topic better is simply asking for help. You might be worrying about troubling others, but with exams as crucial as this, seeking help from adults allows you to understand each topic clearly. Plus, you’ll be surprised at how many people around you are willing to extend a helping hand if you ask. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, and don’t pretend that you understand the topic if you don’t!

3. Study the O-Level Math formula sheet

When preparing for the O-Level Mathematics exam, your teachers will provide you with some tools and tips, so you should use them fully. Formula sheets are the closest to the actual exam you can experience, as they let you know about the exam structure and what formulas you need. In addition, you’ll know which procedures are relevant and how each of them is used when calculating your answers.

4. Practice

Unlike other subjects that require memorisation, Mathematics involves practice. Nothing beats consistent hard work and practising how to solve problems using equations when it comes to this subject. Past-year papers give you an idea of the questions present during the examination. Check out the questions from the previous exams or solve problems online regularly to help you practice for the exam.


Preparing for the O-Level Math exam is not an easy task. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you are stuck and faced with an insurmountable challenge. It is only natural to feel overwhelmed or daunted. No mind works well when the body is tired. So, before resuming studying, ensure you have enough energy to keep yourself in the zone. It is important that you learn to unwind and recharge. Spending time with family by playing educational games can be one way to rejuvenate your mind.

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