3 Essential Skills Your Child Should Learn At Primary Level

3 Essential Skills Your Child Should Learn At Primary Level

3 Essential Skills Your Child Should Learn At Primary Level

Adulthood is filled with challenging responsibilities, but a child’s life isn’t smooth either. We know that kids babble and spend most of their day playing, but parents tend to forget that children have responsibilities too. Life skills are one of the most important things to teach your kids while they’re still young. Read on to learn the three primary skills children must learn early.

1. Decision-making

Decision-making skills are something that needs to be learned at an early age. Making decisions can benefit your child as they grow up. It allows them to make the right choices, decide without relying on someone else, and take responsibility. You can start by making them decide what to wear when you go out on weekends, what to eat for lunch, or play games that require them to choose.

In addition, developing decision-making skills at a young age allow kids to improve their critical thinking and analytical skills. Good decision-making promotes good mental health and physical and social well-being, allowing them to be responsible, confident, and independent.

2. Communication

Understandably, as parents, you need to work hard and earn money for your family – especially your kids. However, some parents may tend to let their children watch television or play with the computer so they won’t be bothered with work. But remember that children need daily verbal interactions to develop social-emotional and communication skills.

Learning to communicate their feelings instead of giving you the cold shoulder, angry stares, or random cries is crucial as they grow older. Knowing how to express their emotions helps them understand others, express their ideas and feelings without problems, help them make friends, and excel in class.

3. Independence

Let’s face it; it’s not all the time that parents are there to take care of their children. Time flies so fast – from sending them to their first day in kindergarten, you won’t notice that you’re already helping them pack their things for the university. Teaching your kids to be independent as early as primary school is essential. It’s important to let them know that you’re teaching them this skill so they wouldn’t be misunderstood that you’re ignoring them. This way, they won’t rely on you to follow their every move and will understand the importance of independence.


As much as we want our children to focus solely on enjoying their childhood before adulthood, it’s important to shape them up while they’re still young. The list above is just some vital life skills that can help them prepare for the future. Make time on the weekends as a family over some indoor educational activities as you impart these skills. Take charge of teaching your children essential life skills, and leave the academics to us! TLS Tutorials Singapore is here to help your child stay on track with their lessons and ace every exam.

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