What To Do When Your Child Fails His/Her Examinations

What To Do When Your Child Fails His/Her Examinations

What To Do When Your Child Fails His/Her ExaminationsWhen your child comes back to you with a failed grade on his/her examinations, a range of emotions are likely to go through your mind. Frustration, distress, and worry are some of the emotions you’d likely experience as you stare at the report card in your hands that is peppered with Fs.

Of course, every parent hopes that their child can ace every single class and pass every examination with flying colours. But the reality is that every student will have his fair share of struggles which may sometimes lead to bad grades.

So, the question lies – what do you do when your child fails his/her examinations?

1. Keep calm

First things first, breathe.

When you see that F grade gawking back at you, your first reaction may be anger, and that is understandable. However, even if this anger comes from a place of love, it is important to keep calm and not lash out at your child.

The truth is: Harshly reprimanding and criticising your child is not going to change the bad grade. Rather, it would only lead to raised stress levels and a loss of self-confidence in your child.

Instead, keep calm and express how the grade is unacceptable. Help your child understand why it is important to do well on his/her examinations.

2. Encourage them and have an open conversation

Next, move forward with positive and constructive support – this means encouraging your children to do better next time or having an honest discussion with them to understand their struggles.

Remember, no child goes into the examination hall with the intention of failing. And “not studying hard enough” isn’t always the reason why they’ve received a bad grade.

Did they not feel well that day? Do they simply not understand the questions? Did they study the wrong material? Did they not have enough time to study?

Whatever the reason may be, gaining some insight as to why they performed the way they did will help you devise a plan to help them improve.

3. Look for additional resources that can benefit them

As we have shared in our previous article on the ways to help your child score in Secondary School Math, one of the best ways you can support your child is to offer him additional resources and guidance.

Enrolling your child in small group tuition in Singapore is one such way you can improve his learning outcomes. A tutor will be able to provide your child with the extra guidance outside of school and address specific academic doubts that your child may have. Moreover, it can bring a great deal of discipline to your child’s learning process as he would be forced to set aside some time every week to sit down with his tutor to go over their studies.

Tuition is an especially good idea if you do not have the time or knowledge to personally coach your child through his studies. A qualified tutor will be equipped with the relevant skills, experience, and qualifications to help your child overcome his learning roadblocks and achieve success.


While it may be incredibly worrying when your child fails his examinations, think of this failure as an opportunity to identify and address his weaknesses to help him achieve academic success.

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